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Thieves and Crosses

I’am currently reading the book “México Acribillado” (Mexico Riddled -as in riddled with bullets-) from author Francisco Martín Moreno. I like this book so much that I started looking for more books of his own at his editorial house called Alfaguara (México) and found this other book of the same author titled “México ante Dios” (Mexico in front of God). At the website they used the following quote for this book:

“En tiempos de las bárbaras legiones, de lo alto de las cruces colgaban a los ladrones… Hoy, en pleno siglo del progreso y de las luces, del pecho de los ladrones cuelgan las cruces”. Anónimo, siglo XIX.

Let me translate this to you as truthful as possible:

“In times of the barbaric legions at the top of the crosses thieves were hunged … Today, in full century of progress and lights, crosses hang from the chest of thieves.” Anonymous, XIX .

How truthful this is today. Just turn your TV on and watch. Almost every “religious” channel asks for money. And how about those “Pastors” that steal money off their congregation, aside from their salary, and use it for personal purposes.

If you have something to say about it, leave me a comment. Read me next time.

Thieves and Thieves