Creation, Evolution, Faith, Fanaticism

Your faith or mine. Evolution vs. Creation.

Not Intelligent Design

Everyone has the right to believe whatever they want, as long as this does not become a danger, or affect negatively others. I prefer to believe in a Supreme Being creating us, maybe because I like the idea of an Intelligent Design.

Imagine yourself walking on Detroit when suddenly you hear several explosions! You look at the sky and see millions of pieces, from the surrounding automobile manufacturing plants, flying in the air. But to your amazement, they start to build by themselves, the explosion gave these pieces the right movement, and height, and not only that, even screws are getting tightened, and axles, tires, transmission, fluids, gasoline, tank, wheel, tires, it’s even getting some custom paint job. Can you imagine one in a zillion chance this explosions doing that, and at the end the car falling on the ground, starting itself and working fine for several years?

Everybody knows creation is mostly a religious matter, but most people do not know that evolution needs faith. Evolution is still a theory, and although is thought in schools as fact, nobody has ever proved this theory, in other words, if you believe in evolution, because you want to believe in these so called “scientists”, you need FAITH… yes, no matter how ugly it sounds to you, if you chose to believe in evolution, that needs faith on your part, because you are believing something nobody has ever proved. Thing is, religious people know that believing in creation is faith, but evolutionists believe they are very scientific. At the end of the day, you should have freedom to choose what to believe, the wrong thing to do would be to become a fanatic, either a religious fanatic or a “science” fanatic, prove it to yourself or have faith in it, but don’t become a fanatic. Oh, and do not teach theory as fact, please, be honest… and have some faith, any faith.