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E-book viewer and collection manager?


I use Mozilla Firefox for almost everything nowadays. Last week I started looking for an ebook reader that supported PDF, CHM, DjVu, TXT, ODT and maybe DOC, RTF, PPT, TIFF, LIT and PDB preferrably in a tabbed display; after researching for a little while, I found nothing to support all those files. The closest tools that I found where: STDU Viewer and ICE Book Reader. In the end I decided for a simple solution: Mozilla Firefox with 2 plug-ins and 2 add-ons do the magic.

With these 4 you can make sure 99% of my ebooks are covered.

My Firefox wish list:

  • An ebook manager/browser to sort my collection (why not include all those plug-ins in a single download).
  • Kempelton large theme FF3 compatible or a Naver theme with large icons.
  • Sober simple nice minimalistic small icons theme for FF3.

BTW: I tried to open chm files from the windows  explorer and from the firefox file manager (just type c:\ or whatever folder you like) and firefox always asked me where to download the file. So you really have to use the chm sidebar or toolbar button to open chm files inside firefox.

Other suggestions? Thoughts? Leave me a note.